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Video Blog Four!!!
July 7, 2008, 4:37 am
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Here’s a new one, I haven’t had internet for a week.


June 27, 2008, 2:43 am
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Hey Guys, this is my favorite one so far… and the longest.



Tour Blog two!
June 24, 2008, 9:48 pm
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So I think Im getting the hang of this stuff.  Here’s Number two!!!

One Prayer
June 22, 2008, 5:35 pm
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I attend fellowship at Freedom Fellowship Church in Greer, South Carolina, and we have been doing a series called One Prayer.  One Prayer begs the question, “if you had one prayer for the church as a whole that you would want God to answer, what would it be.  My pastor prayed to “Make us Matter,” and brought up the question of if the world would miss the existence of the Church if it ceased to exist right now.  I wonder if anyone one would miss it, or even worse, be glad that it’s gone.  Then we watched videos of Craig Groeschel and Perry Noble, and their prayers were, “Make us One,” and “Make us Dangerous.”  Well right now, i’m on tour with my band, and when I woke up this Sunday morning, I did so, right as the Freedom service would be starting, well actually I was an hour ahead….crap.  Anyway, I started to think about what my one prayer for the Church would be.  “MAKE US KNOW.”  I believe there is sooo much that we as the body of believers in Christ don’t know about His Love for us, and His Sacrifice for us, and our own stupidity.  This is not meant to look down on the dumb things that I and others do, I just want to emphasize what might happen if were to truly KNOW what the implications of what we read in the bible were, and if we were to truly KNOW how much time is wasted on little things, and how little effort we put into the things that do matter.  GOD MAKE US KNOWLEDGEABLE OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE THE CHURCH, OPEN OUR EYES TO THE NEED IN THE WORLD AND THE GREED IN OUR LIVES.  

I was reading through Colossians today and I came across this passage that rattled my sphincter.   Colossians 2:12 – Having been BURIED with Him (Christ) in Baptism, and RAISED with Him through your Faith in the Power of God, who RAISED Him from the DEAD.  Up until this point in my life as a Christian, I have viewed Baptism as a public declaration of one’s decision to follow Christ, and I still know that to be true, but God just hit me with this: that We are dead without Him. PERIOD. And that THE ONLY reason that we can be Baptized is because of the complete Sacrifice that Christ made on the Cross for all, and we are Baptized in His Death, and made clean in His Resurrection.  IF WE TRULY KNEW, the price of the Cross, the world would be different.  I realize that many have an reasonable view of the pain that our Saviour felt on the cross, but still it is in no way the HATE, the PAIN, the LONELINESS, the GUILT, that He faced….for us.  GOD MAKE US KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE FELT, because if we did, the world would not be the same.

One more thing that I am feeling led to share is something that I read in the book The Signature of Jesus, by Brennan Manning, and there is soo much that I could quote from this book,  I mean, the man spent seven months in a cave in Spain, not seeing a single person the entire time, in complete solitude with our Creator.  He stated this that hit me early on, “Power affects behavior; Love affects the Heart.”  I fear that we as the Church are trying to gain way too much power, in our communities, and in the world as a whole.  And power might affect behavior, I.E. everyone actin glike good Christians, but God seeks the renewal of the heart, and for that.  We must clothe ourselves in LOVE.  GOD MAKE US KNOW, THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE IN US, AND THROUGH US.  He then later writes, “If we preferred to be FAITHFUL, rather than successful, the walls of indifference to Jesus Christ would crumble.”  GOD MAKE US KNOW WHAT TRUE FAITHFULNESS IS.   



Tour Blog, ONE!!!
June 22, 2008, 6:50 am
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So yeah, I will puttin these links up every couple of days or so.  So check them out, and write encouraging things.  If you don’t know, and I was dumb enough to leave out, I play in a Christian hardcore band called Divide the Sea, and we are on tour….so yeah, this will tell you what is goin on, in our lives.


Check this.
June 13, 2008, 2:34 am
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Freakin sweet video.

Sooo it’s definitely been a while……and a while it has been.
June 12, 2008, 3:25 pm
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So I haven’t blogged lately….So sue me.  A lot has been going on…Let’s recap.

I’ve been painting my grandmother’s house (outside and in) and that has taken up a lot of time.  I am doing this so that I can eat when I go on tour with my band ,   In other news as far as music goes.   I created a new myspace for a little project that I have been working on called O’Brother, .  Whenever DTS (divide the sea) is not playing very often or practicing like crazy, I get ansy as far as writting and playing music, so I write acoustic type stuff, and I recently found that I could record it….so I did.  Sooooo go listen to it.

HUGE NEWSSSSSS.  This may be the last blog I ever write…… on a PC.  The reason for this is because on tuesday night, I ordered my brand new Macbook from the apple store, and it is on the road to be safely delivered to my hands and lap.  Check it out.

my precious

So yeah, its on its way, and I am furiously tracking it.  It left Memphis at 2 in the morning last night and is estimated to arrive tomorrow, friday the 13th……oh crap thats bad luck.  

Next week, we leave….for the rest of the summer.  First we tour up to cornerstone in Illinois, and then back down to pick up our buds Anacey ( to go on another tour that will travel out to Colorado with like 14 other bands, so I am really pumped but also nervous. 

We seriously need your prayers, prayers for safety, nutrition, courage, faith, and discipline to spread the great news of Christ with everyone that we come in contact with.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to show Himself in acts of providence and splendor.  A personal prayer that I need is discipline to do good on my summer school German course.  It definitely ain’t easy.  So pray that I do good…well.

Well I guess that that is all that’s been going on….have a good one.